About Us

Kinfolx is a modern-day public square. Kinfolx is a community that is centered on the fundamental value of our shared humanity. We hope to be a home away from home and a refuge for those from all backgrounds and a hub for diverse communities to connect and come together.

Born and raised in the Bay, Creighton taught middle school social studies in the South Bronx before becoming a practicing attorney. He returned home to become an active member of the Oakland community, where he serves on several boards and a local commission. Kinfolx is an opportunity to build with others while creating joy through connection and creativity.
An Oakland native, writer, journalist, filmmaker Akintunde Ahmad is always passionate in what he does. When Tunde is not working on a media project, he spends his time designing clothes for his fashion line, Ade Dehye.
Swan Dotson is a celebrated wine educator, curator, and consultant who focuses on promoting wineries led by Black, POC, Women and LGBTQ+ professionals. She has collaborated with organizations like Wine Unify, The Hue Society, Black Vines, The 280 Project, and Food & Wine Magazine. Swan's passion lies in making wine accessible to newcomers and creating enriching experiences for wine enthusiasts.